About the RWFM – The first Michigan Women's Republican Club was formed in Detroit in 1918 - in the spring before Michigan men gave women the right to vote. The Republican Women's Federation of Michigan (RWFM) was founded in 1925, thirteen years before the National Federation of Women was organized in 1938. Michigan, the Birthplace of the Republican Party "Under the Oaks" has one of the oldest Women's federations in the Nation. In 2015, the RWFM celebrated 90 years of conservative women in politics.

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Republican Women's Federation of Michigan (RWFM) The purposes of this organization shall be to: A. Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government; B. Inform the public through political education and activity; C. Foster loyalty to the Republican Party at all levels of government; D. Promote the principles of the Republican Party; E. Work for Republican candidates in all elections, including non-partisan elections; and F. Support the objectives and policies of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), the Republican National Committee (RNC), and the Republican State Commit- tee of Michigan